Creating a startup requires much more than a good idea. As cool as the idea is, it will be worth, at most, about 5% of the business value. The other 95% are the result of a lot of sweat, the ability to carry out the idea. It is necessary to assemble a cohesive team and offer a product or service that solves a real business problem. A startup is a bacterium that lives and proliferates without a problem.

Without a real problem to solve, there is no reason for startup. Furthermore, it is necessary that the technology architecture is prepared, from the beginning for growth. What CiaTécnica Ventures offers are two essential things for a startup:

1. Business and management know-how complemented by an extensive network of contacts with company executives and investors. We added to the startup business the experience of a services and consulting company with ten years of high quality professional activity. We have a wide network of mentors and investors for the development and improvement of the business models and operations of startups.

2. We entered the business as a technological partner. Our proposal is to act as business partners, acting as CTO-as-a-service (Chief Technology Officer), acting in an integrated manner in decisions and solutions of problems that inevitably appear throughout the business development cycle.

If you are an entrepreneur with market experience and financial strength to develop the idea, but you need technological support, mentoring and someone who understands technology at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, come and talk to us. We are sure that we will find a solution for integrated action.

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