Policy and those covered

Ciatécnica considers the subject Privacy of great importance! For this reason, it records through this document, in detail, how the information and data of Users and Visitors are used on our Site (“Ciatécnica Website”). We recommend that you carefully read this document fully.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Users and Visitors to the Ciatécnica Website (https://www.ciatecnica.com), containing clear information about data collection, use, storage, and protection. Ciatécnica may change this Policy at any time, with Users and Visitors being responsible for regularly review these terms to verify whether they agree or disagree with the changes made and whether they intend to continue accessing the website.

Users and Visitors of the Ciatécnica website can access it for different purposes, either for the realization of the General Register in order to establish a partnership with Ciatécnica as a Partner Consultant, upon prior exclusive approval and acceptance criterion of Ciatécnica, or for the use of the functionalities of the Ciatécnica website, through its Login and Password as Partner Consultant , or even browse and contribute to one of our collaborative content products, being certain that in any of these uses the author expressly authorize Ciatécnica to collect and store your browsing data and your personal information, using them in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy.

For the purposes herein, Users are Partner Consultants who establish a partnership with Ciatécnica, through exclusive criteria and acceptance of Ciatécnica, to which will be assigned a unique and confidential Login and Password for personal use, being responsible for their custody and confidentiality.

Partner Consultant: Senior Consulting Professional with experience in various sectors of the economy, who will act independently, without corporate or labor ties to Ciatécnica, in the solutions for business transformation of Ciatécnica’s clients.

It is understood as a Visitor an Individual or Business who accesses the Ciatécnica Website and performs the completion of the General Register, with or without uploading his vitae curriculum with photo and / or portfolio of professional specification and services in the case of Legal Entity, aiming to become a Partner Consultant of Ciatécnica, through criteria and acceptance exclusive to this, but that has not yet been accepted for such partership.

This Policy covers all applications and features made available by the Ciatécnica Website, and there may be specific terms for certain uses, which will be informed to the User in due course.

General Registration – Collection and Use of User’s Information

Personal information

When using Ciatécnica’s website for any of the purposes mentioned above, personal information will be collected for purposes of the General Registration that may include the following, among others:

Individual: name, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, address, social security number, job title, academic and professional background.

Legal Entity: company name, company address, e-mail address, phone number, entity contract and success cases.

Data provided by users and visitors are of their sole responsibility. By completing a General Registration users or visitors can also upload their resume with photo and / or portfolio of professional services in case of legal entities that will remain linked to their profile on the Ciatécnica Website. The name and profile picture may be displayed in the applications made available by Ciatécnica, including, but not limited to, the User Area, user’s specification and the Contact Channel with partner companies and customers.

The personal data informed by users will be stored within the Ciatécnica platform, being essential to enable contact with the Users themselves.

There is no requirement of payments by Users for the  completion of the General Registration or insertion of their information on the Ciatécnica Website, either for the inclusion or exclusion of their data. Any payment requests must be immediately communicated to Ciatécnica, by one of our channels, including any attempt to demand payments due to the user’s registration or use of our website.

Users’ information may remain stored even after a registration has been closed. This storage may occur if it is mandatory to comply with obligations of a judicial, legal or regulatory nature, to prevent fraud or misuse, as well as to ensure strict compliance with this Privacy Policy and any contracts governing the relationship between Ciatécnica and users.

Ciatécnica may also collect and use professional information from its Users and Visitors, both internally on its platform, as well as throughout the Internet, even for statistical purposes. Professional and contact information will be used to (i) send an invitation for the Visitor to become a Partner Consultant; (ii) send project opportunities’ notices to Ciatécnica as Partner Consultant with the User profile; (ii) bring its Users (TopVoices and Partner Consultants) together and ensure the effectiveness of their tools; (iii) provide the User with an experience appropriate to his/her registration profile, and send information about Ciatécnica and projects to its customers.

By using the Ciatécnica’s website to include your resume or portfolio, the User is aware and agrees that all information entered by the User may be displayed on Ciatécnica’s Website, with the exception of his/her address and phone number.


Any communication of Ciatécnica to its Users will be made only to offer relevant notifications about the use of its platform, its products and functionalities, as well as to inform the opportunities for integration in Projects, and may also send informative and promotional messages, such as offers from partners. It is already pointed out that Ciatécnica does not send any kind of SPAM.

Ciatécnica’s messages are sent only to the e-mail registered by the User. Ciatécnica does not collect emails from mailing lists, non-commercial websites and does not practice any kind of purchase or sale of mailing lists.

Ciatécnica’s communications are sent only to emails registered by the Users themselves and their receipt can be interrupted at any time, through a link located at the end of the messages or sending a message to contato@ciatecnicaconsulting.com.br. Any email deletion request will be promptly met.


The user’s access to his/her registration will take place through confidential login and password for personal use only, being the user the sole responsible for its custody and confidentiality.

Ciatécnica will always comply with the rules applicable to the security of data, in addition to using security measures for navigation, aiming to protection against any unauthorized access. By accessing and using Ciatécnica’s website, the User is aware of the susceptibility to failures and vulnerabilities due to its content being made available on the Internet. However, Ciatécnica undertakes to always put the best efforts in order to avoid them.

Prohibited Actions

Use of devices, software, scripts, or any other mechanism such as: robot, crawler, data mining, data scraping among others is strictly prohibited.

No form of reverse engineering shall be tolerated, whether to disassemble, decipher, decompile, or otherwise attempt to copy source code or any other intellectual property content available in Ciatécnica’s environment. No action is authorized that may compromise the functionalities of Ciatécnica’s website and/or tools.

The reproduction, publication, sharing, even in part, of any content of the Ciatécnica website, by any means, including but not limited to social networks, blogs and virtual communities is strictly prohibited.

Site content and changes

Because its dynamic content, the site may contain minor typographical errors. Changes may be applied without prior notice, including on advertised products. Ciatécnica is not responsible for third-party content that may be accessed from Ciatécnica’s website.