Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

Our projects use agile and innovative methodologies to implement the best solutions for your company.

We help our clients in studies of technological adherence, diagnosis and proposition for updating the technological architecture, structuring IT areas, outsourcing IT professionals.

In addition, we offer an agile integration platform, which proposes a broad and consistent structure to develop, reuse, execute and manage integrations between your company’s systems, including legacies, and facilitates connection to the thousands of digital services available on the market. With this solution, your company can deploy the ecosystem of digital services, allowing for rapid innovation, without bureaucracy and without the need for large investments.

Software Factory

  • Projects to develop new systems and support legacy systems (APPs, APIs, etc.)
  • Web, mobile (IOS and Android) and desktop systems
  • Methodologies, resources and processes totally flexible to the client’s needs
  • Programming in several languages, such as PHP, Asp.Net, Java, React Native, Xamarin, etc.
  • Outsourcing for systems development
  • Customized software solutions and on demand from the client



  • Targeted and assertive strategies and campaigns
  • 360º view of the customer and centralized information
  • Optimization of service through the customer profile
  • CRM and legacy system integration
  • CRM Open source (Vtiger) Onpremisse or Cloud
  • Low cost for environments with many users

Integration bus (ESB)

  • Intermediate layer between all systems in the organization
  • Route, translate and deliver messages between systems
  • Optimization of processes and reduction of bottlenecks in the operation
  • Reuse of legacy systems
  • Data and systems integration
  • Solution to performance problems and information exchange between systems
  • Compliance with GDPR (Europe)
  • Open Source On Premise or Cloud Solution

Operational efficiency and best practices in IT Infrastructure

  • Analysis, design and implementation of IT infrastructure, in Windows or Linux environments, in Cloud or On Premise, and recommendation of best practices and technologies
  • IT Governance