Communication Management Project – Medical Insurance

Considered the largest cooperative health system in the world, the client company works with 115 thousand cooperative doctors and 18 million cooperative members. In addition to working with 2,506 accredited hospitals, it has 119 own hospitals.

In partnership with Ciatécnica, it developed a project to control internal communications, implementing management to monitor communications, delivery to those involved and related actions.


  • Control internal Company Communications that are sent to various departments where some are just for science and others need to take some kind of action.
  • Several communiqués are elaborated per day and with that the control was not feasible to be done, needing a system to assist.
  • Communiqués do not have a control of dates, action of departments and even the validity date of the communiqué.
  • There is no control over the validity of the communiqués nor even the reevaluation of the communiqués when it reached the expiration date.


  • Control and monitor the communications that must circulate through the Company.
  • Control the departments that should take “Science” and the departments that should have “Action” on the statement.
  • Have a responsible user (manager) for the Notice (who prepared it).
  • Have a place where it is possible to analyze which departments and responsible persons have already viewed the Document, or taken the responsibility action.
  • Monitor through a single screen, all the movement of communications and especially if they are being executed at the right time, by those responsible.
  • Communicate to everyone involved the progress of this announcement (through emails automatically triggered to the departments involved and to the users of these departments)


  • Each announcement receives an internal code (according to the departments involved)
  • Monitor creation dates, action of each responsible and validity of the communication.
  • Reassess statement when its validity expires.
  • Automatically communicate all departments involved in the announcement (department and managers)
  • A single user can manage all of the Company’s communications, because with each action performed on the communication, the status of the communication is changed and an email is sent to all those involved in this communication; with this, the System Manager is able to monitor, through a single screen, all the movement of the communications and especially if they are being executed at the right time, by the right responsible.