Franchising Integration Project – Professional Courses Franchising

The client group, with more than 30 years of excellence in franchising and Education, in partnership with Ciatécnica, managed to implement in 2 months, the incorporation of new brands to the group, allowing integration between the systems already implemented in the group and those of the other brands . Using the agile WSO2 integration platform as a digital service bus, Ciatécnica installed, configured and developed an integration project, always presenting a broad and consistent structure to develop, reuse, execute and manage integrations between systems, without bureaucracy and without the need for large investments.


  • Business group in the branch of professional courses acquired 4 new franchises and the systems used by them to register customers, orders and billing were different
  • The newly acquired companies needed to continue operations after the merger, which would take place within 2 months, and there was not enough time to change all the systems used.
  • The Group needed the customer registration to be unified in some way, so that the operations of newly acquired franchises were not jeopardized


  • Implementation and configuration of the WSO2-ESB tool (service bus), to integrate all systems
  • Design and specification of the integration of all systems, of each franchise, with the main ERP of the group
  • Configuration of all services necessary for integration, in WSO2
  • Development of documentation on the integration and technical and configuration criteria of each service


  • Speed in the development of integrations, and consequently, in the release of operations between franchise and franchisees
  • Low bus installation and configuration costs and integration services
  • Ease of maintenance of services, if it is necessary to change or include an integration, with current systems, or new ones that may arise, coming from new partnerships.