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Are you an expert in your area, have executive experience and are interested in composing a team of senior consultants to conduct business transformation projects in companies from different segments of the economy? Register now and we will contact you soon.

The Ciatécnica Consulting team is formed by consultants who are reference in their areas, who work totally focused on project management, planning, execution and delivery. To add even more to the quality of deliveries, a select group of executive professionals from different segments of the economy monitor the scope and deliveries to customers. In addition, the model allows a differentiated network with other consultants.

Here, the consultant does not have to worry about prospecting, bureaucratic administrative processes and still has greater visibility in the market, through the consultancy’s communication platforms and participation in specialized events.

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The consultant may be appointed by a member of the Board of Directors of Ciatécnica, or by another Partner Consultant, or sign up through the website using the Registration Form available below.

The candidate must have a constituted company, which can offer consultancy services, as the contract will be with the Legal Person.

Ciatécnica will evaluate the candidate’s curriculum, such as: training, companies where he worked, positions, functions, projects, extracurricular activities, articles, books, publications and professional posts on social networks. The candidate must also have a constituted company, which can offer consultancy services, as the contract will be with the Legal Person.

After analysis, an interview with the consultant will be scheduled, which can be done in person or remotely. Following this step, having the consultant with the professional profile that fits the premises of Ciatécnica, he will receive an e-mail or a link with the Adhesion Term so that he can accept it. After checking the documentation, the Partner Consultant becomes part of the Ciatécnica Consulting Community.

Ciatécnica will assess the needs of the project, resulting from Leads or Opportunities from customers, and seek the best professional profile for each type of solution from the Community of Partner Consultants. The professional profile of the Partner Consultant that best suits the demand, will be invited to participate in the project and probably conduct it with the client.

Ciatécnica adopts the formation of “squads”, which must be composed of professionals with specific skills necessary to meet the requirements of the projects. In this case, Ciatécnica will provide specialized resources to be part of this squad, together with the Partner Consultant.

The Partner Consultant must carry out the conduct, management and final delivery of the project. The project conducted by the Partner Consultant will be accompanied by the Quality and Controllership area of ​​Ciatécnica. Ciatécnica will indicate a methodology to be used in the project, which will be available on our digital platform, in the restricted area for Partner Consultants.

The values ​​of the services of the consultant will be negotiated at the time of pre-sale and preparation of the project budget. The proposed solution to be presented to the client will be done in “four hands”, that is, together with the Partner Consultant. There is no pre-established table.

There is no retention on the amount negotiated between Ciatécnica and the Partner Consultant, remembering that the contract will be between the client and Ciatécnica.

From this moment on, the consultant will have access to all the tools available to the Ciatécnica Community of Partner Consultants, including webinars, which will allow the consultant to participate actively through the sharing and access to all content, as well as to other Partner Consultants and Ciatécnica executives.

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