Our people, our company, our community. The repetition of the word “our” is intentional, as it brings several meanings that explain our essence, that although we use technology and scientific methods as our work tools, our focus is the human being, his well-being and his personal and as a society. It also brings the sense of a network of professionals, where each one is part of the whole, without suppressing individual characteristics, it brings a feeling of belonging to something greater, with values ​​aimed at the development and professional updating of all. This means that Ciatécnica has an intellectual capital with countless years of experience and acquired knowledge, therefore having the full capacity to implement effective, innovative, safe and results-oriented solutions for our customers.

Our execution capacity is complete in this new digital world. Starting to support the definition of corporate strategies for the digital transformation of our clients’ businesses, including structuring the company’s operational structure and resources, until the implementation of the final solution, using the most advanced technologies, methods and concepts .

Our greatest pride is our customers, who bring us, with each project delivered, and each year of solid relationship, the feeling of accomplishment. Meet some of our customers: Rodobens, RNI, Moveedu, Cofco International, Base Hospital of SJRP, JSL, ScanSource, Iron Mountain, LUT, Unimed, etc. Some have been with us for a decade, yes 10 years of relationship, it is also our age. The reason and truth of this success is anchored in our strong values: ethics, humanity, competence, flexibility, global strategy and results.

We are a group of professionals with great experience and knowledge, specialists in several areas, with the objective of supporting public and private sectors, through the application of digital knowledge, methods and technologies. We use our knowledge and execution capacity for the success and growth of our customers, thus promoting the development of society and the human being.