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All companies live in an ecosystem, where an organization does not live in isolation, but is part of a whole, complementing each other. At Ciatécnica we understand that to solve our clients’ business challenges, we will not have all the answers alone. For this reason, we seek strategic integration with companies that share values ​​and principles with us, allowing us to combine skills, investments and value creation for our customers and society in a fluid way.

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The future will be for self-adjusting and smart companies. Is your company ready” by Cezar Taurion

“Why not imagine an organization that self-adjusts its processes and business models based on Machine Learning algorithmic decisions? With this, the company starts to operate as a living being, evolving and adapting to the changes that happen in its environment

The internet is one of the few things that humans have created and that is not yet fully understood by them. We are taking the first steps and surprising ourselves at every moment. Consolidated business models are replaced by new ones very quickly. Many of these new businesses, in turn, are quickly outnumbered by others that emerge very shortly afterwards.”

In this article, Cezar Taurion, VP of Innovation at Ciatécnica Consulting, presents how the future will be for smart and self-adjusting companies.

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In yet another podcast, João Gubolin (CEO Ciatécnica) talks about the use of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems by companies and the best way to take advantage of their features.

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The First Step

Digital Transformation
as the basis for Post-Digital
business in the century

An eBook by Cezar Taurion


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